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Surface plate Calibration and Inspection


Granite surface plates may seem no different than any other working surfaces, but they are actually precision instruments and should be treated accordingly. Despite granite's toughness and durability, wear spots will form after continual use. These seemingly tiny variations on the surface can cause distortions in measurements and ultimately affect a product's final quality. 

There are two key properties which ensure surface plates provide accurate measurements, repeatability, and flatness. Repeatability represents the ability to reproduce an identical measurement, within an acceptable tolerance, anywhere on the plate. Flatness denotes the difference between the lowest and highest point on the surface plate. Regular surface plate inspections and calibrations are essential to ensure surface plates stay within an acceptable tolerance.



Premier Scales & Systems proudly provides industry-leading surface plate calibration and resurfacing. We would like to extend a special offer to all customers who try our surface plate calibration and resurfacing services. Contact us now to lock in these special introductory prices for the first year of service. No commitments or contracts required.

Small Surface Plates 15 and under $41
48" x 48" 16 $44
36" x 72" 18 $49
48" x 60" 20 $55
48" x 72" 24 $66
48" x 96" 32 $88
48" x 120" 40 $110
72" x 96" 48 $132
60" x 120" 50 $137
72" x 120" 60 $165
72" x 144" 72 $198
Non- Standard Sizes $2.75 Per Square Foot Minimum $41 in our lab or $49 onsite.


Resurfacing Charge Per Square FT** Minimum PRICE PER PLATE*
Lab Grade AA $18 $60
Inspection Grade A $12 $60
Tool Room Grade B $10 $60

* Travel Charge not included. **A labor surcharge will be added per square foot for all plates found with excessive wear.

Additional High Volume and Frequency Discounts availible.