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Test Weight Calibration Services

Test weight calibration is performed by Premier Scales & Systems.

Premier Scales & Systems is a fully accredited test weight calibration laboratory offering a full range of certification services.

Our weight calibration (or mass calibration) services include several classes of weights:

  • NIST class F
  • ASTM classes 1 through 7
  • OIML classes E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, M3

We test for a range of sizes, starting as small as 1 mg:

  • Avoirdupois (standard) calibration for weights from 1/32 oz to 5,000 pounds
  • Metric calibration for weights from 1 mg to 200 kg
  • Ounce weights

Some of the devices on which we perform weight calibration include:

  • Test weights
  • Weight sets
  • Weight kits
  • Cast-iron weights
  • Stainless-steel weights
  • Aluminum weights
  • Brass weights
  • Hanging weights
  • Hook weights
  • Precision weights
  • Leaf weights
  • Slotted weights
  • Pound weights
  • Metric weights
  • Ring weights