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RMT Track Vision Safety Camera

Track Vision Safety Camera
Track Vision Safety Camera Track Vision 1 Safety Camera Track Vision 2 Safety Camera Track Vision 3 Safety Camera

The RMT Track Vision Safety Camera provides you with different options to suit you camera needs, with up to 4 cameras for your application. The camera system helps to eliminate blind spots on heavy equipment that pose serious safety issues, thus preventing accidents or injuries. All adjustments are made directly from the monitor. The camera can be set to turn on automatically or can be left on at all times.

  • Nitrogen-filled, 100% watertight screen & camera
  • Heated lens surface to prevent condensation or frost
  • 115 degrees of wide-angle viewing
  • RadarEye object detection
  • Shockproof & vibration resistant
  • Automatic brightness adjusting on monitor
  • Bracket for installation in cab
  • 7 inch LCD screen
  • Wireless camera option
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