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METTLER-TOLEDO SWC515 Pinmount Weigh Module

METTLER-TOLEDO SWC515 Pinmount Weigh Module

The SWC515 PINMOUNT weigh module delivers best performance in both static and dynamic loading applications; thus, making conversions of the systems into a weighing scale simple, with each providing an exceptionally high level of safety.

  • Dual integrated lift-off protection
  • Dual vertical safety down stop
  • Full 360 degree integrated checking
  • Ground strap
  • Module aligned and locked for installation
  • Can take 100% R.C. without LC for installation
  • Dual stabilizer option
  • Capacity range 7.5 - 50 t
  • Analog or digital load cell PDX
  • IP68 load cell, fully stainless steel
  • Global approvals standard on each load cell
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Calibration without testweights

(Note: The model numbers listed are for 1 mild steel PINMOUNT weigh module. Additonal features to this model include: stainless steel and powercell PDX load cells.)

Model # Capacity
7.5 t
05447 15 t
05448 22.5 t
30 t
49204 50 t
Mettler Toledo
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Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing and Distilleries
Baby Foods/Nutritional
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Fermenters & Bioreactors
Fine & Specialty Chemicals
Food/Food Manufacturing
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Metal Manufacturing
Metal Recycling
Pet Food & Animal Feed
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