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RMT Millennium 5 VEI Loader Scale

RMT Equipment Millennium 5
RMT Equipment Millennium 5 Millennium 5 Printer Millennium 5 Front and Back View Millennium 5 USB Port

The RMT Millennium 5 VEI Loader Scale is known as one of the most simple, appreciated prodcuts on the market. The Millennium 5 is the ideal solution in preventing overloads. In implementing this instrument, your wheel loaders are transformed into a portable scale within a couple of hours. The system consists of 4 components, thus eliminating the need for any additional junction or power supply boxes and helping to prevent you from further environmental harm.

  • Manage 20 products
  • Tip off feature
  • Guided calibration
  • Multi-task loading
  • Manage project ID
  • Multiple truck ticket copies available
  • Automatic weigh in motion
  • Protected cables
  • Thermal printer option
  • Data transfer system option
  • TrackWeight wireless system option
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