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Using a checkweigher improves the quality of your weighing processes. Checkweigher equipment is easy for operators to use and read, and it reduces errors.

You can choose the checkweigher equipment with the level of functionality you need. Materials and designs are customized to specific operating environments and applications. Examples of options include:

  •     Checkweighers for wet or dry environments
  •     Checkweighers designed and certified for use in hygienically sensitive areas (such as food processing)
  •     In-line, dynamic checkweighers for homogeneous packages processed at high speed
  •     Checkweighers for dynamic weighing at slow speeds (for heavy mixed goods, post, or freight)
  •     Heavy-duty, low- or medium-speed, in motion checkweighing scales (for logistics and shipping systems)
  •     Manual checkweighing equipment, such as a checkweighing bench scale