• Lift-Off Protection

    A robust lift-off bolt protects the scale against tipping that can be caused by strong winds, seismic forces, or collisions

  • Safety Downstop

    A vertical down stop supports the full weight of the loaded scale in case of catastrophic load cell failure

  • Integral Checking

    Each weigh module is equipped with 360-degree checking to limit horizontal movement while allowing for thermal expansion and contraction

  • Versatile Design

    The SWB505 MultiMount™ weigh module is designed to provide safe and accurate weighing in all types of static and dynamic applications.

  • Easy Installation

    The SafeLock™ locking plate maintains top-plate alignment to help ensure that your scale is installed right the first time

Easy Scale to PLC Communications

With up to 800 PLC updates per second, these transmitters are perfect for fast and precise filling, sorting, batching, tank, vessel, and silo weighing. Configuration, setup and maintenance is fully PC software supported and can be remotely accessed using its integrated webserver. ACT350 transmitters are designed for easy installation in any standard DIN rail housing. Perfect for PLC applications, the ACT350 delivers high-accuracy measurements at an exceptional speed. One of the few transmitters featuring a built-in redundant Ethernet Switch, this compact DIN-rail transmitter is the most robust solution for conventional and Div2 hazardous area weighing (ACT350XX).