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Scale Service and Repair

Scale service and scale repair is performed by Premier Scales & Systems.

Scale service and scale repair are the core of our business.

Contact us for service or repair by phone: 1-800-474-9838 or by email:


Scale Service

A scale or weighing system can be an essential cost control factor in your daily operation. That’s why we recommend a preventive maintenance program. Our program assures you of accurate weighing throughout the lifetime of your equipment.

Every scale service agreement is structured to meet your individual requirements. We tailor the details to your exact specifications:

  • Interval between scale inspections
  • Testing method
  • Reporting requirements for scale calibrations

Our electronic certificate retrieval provides you with additional convenience.

Scale Repair

Any piece of equipment can fail. Whether the cause is operator abuse, a defective part, or an act of God, equipment downtime can be critical to your operation. Our scale repair technicians are highly trained and certified. So we can complete your repair as efficiently as possible.

We have a large stock of parts available for repairs. And in the rare event that Premier Scales & Systems does not have a particular part in stock, we can acquire needed components within hours.