Starrett 120B-12 Dial Caliper

120A-12 Dial Caliper

Perfect for mechanics and toolmakers everywhere, the 120B-12 Dial Caliper from Starrett is one of the only American made dial calipers on the market. This dial caliper features a direct-read dial, an easy-to-adjust steel blade,  and the reliability only possible through Starrett’s industry-leading engineering. Each caliper in the 120B-12 series comes with high-contrast white dial ranging from 0-12″ with .001″ graduations and 12″ long nib jaws.

  • Stainless Stainless
  • 0-12" Range
  • 0.001" Graduations

Local pickup options are available for Evansville, IN, and Louisville, KY areas.
Request more details when making a purchase request.

Don’t forget to ask how our lab can provide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration for your Starret instruments.

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