ACT100 designed for PLC integration.

Ideal for Scale to PLC Communications

The ACT100 is our most economical solution for transmitting weight data to a PLC or DCS. Boasting a compact DIN-rail design, the ACT100 is the ideal solution for systems requiring a high-speed 4-20mA Analog Output.

  • Easy connection to PLCs and DCSs
  • 4-20mA, 0-10V output @ 200Hz
  • Remote setup via integrated webserver
  • Easy configuratiton via OLED display and keypad
  • Operational insight - real text messages
  • Space savings - compact housing – only 40mm wide
  • Automated control through Fast digital I/O
  • Easy connection to most analog, strain-gauge, scales
  • CalFreeTM weight free adjustment

Onboard Display Keypad

Increase uptime and monitor functions with the built-in display and keypad. Plus, the four LED indicators allow quick and easy insight into the ACT10’s operation.

Condition Monitoring

ACT100 includes many functions that report both running status and error conditions. The ACT100 uses an 24mA output, I/O points mapped to error conditions, and the onboard display to to indicate error condition.

Quick Installation

Up and running in minutes through a user -friendly interface. The ACT100 is integrated with a webserver that enables more flexibility. Additionally, users benefit from remote access and servicing from anywhere.

Faster Data Transfer

Fast 200Hz update rate allows for improved efficiency and optimized weighing processes in any machine. This high speed of update enables up-to 10X’s higher throughput of weighing data when compared to other devices, leading to higher overall operational throughput.